Cruising is an excellent way to explore and experience some of the most beautiful costal areas of the world.

Plan for VACATIONS will make sure you will go on a cruise tailored to your needs and wants.

Small ship cruising (70 to 120 passengers) focuses on the nature surrounding  you. It is a great way to be part of the abundance of nature. Sea kayaking, hiking, diving, and snorkeling,  can all be part of your small ship cruise experience!  It is up to you how adventurous you what to be!

Large ship cruising (500 to 3000 passengers) you will travel in luxury from port-to-port. It is like being in a floating hotel traveling to different countries.  Nature drifts by like the canvas of the painting. You will experience different port cities throughout your cruise.

Yacht style cruising (100 to 500 passengers) this luxury cruising is at its best.  It caters to the five-star customer.  It absolutely feels like being on a private yacht.  You get to visit ports where big ships can't go.  It is a more intimate vacation.  Yes , you can charter a whole yacht for your own private cruise with friends and family.

Private charter (1 to 100 passengers) The ultimate cruise vacation. I get to choose everything motor yacht or sailing  yacht, wherever you want go. Bring your private chef. The options are endless.

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