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The meals are out of this world!  Lunches and dinners are three courses each, and served up on deck as weather permitted.  There are always at least three different cheeses served with each meal along with three different wines.  A history of each wine was given at the time, and they never repeated themselves.  

All meals are included and the bar was open 24/7.  Bicycles were also provided so that we could explore the little villages on the way.  

French Country Waterways  Barge Cruising 
Contributed by one of our clients, Steve and Polly Bates

The experience is first class all the way, with extraordinary attention to detail by our hosts. There is a crew of  five to care for eight passengers. A minivan followed the boat to maintain fresh supplies and to take the passengers on local tours throughout the week.  These included chateaux, farms, cathedrals, vineyards, and a four-star dinner out, all included in the tour price.  

I was taken by the speed at which they worked.  Each of the four couples had their own stateroom with private bath facilities.  It was extraordinary, and the crew seemed to have plenty of time to visit and answer questions.Cabin on Le Bon Vivant

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